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It is a joyful and also humbling feeling to be given praise (especially from the children) for the work I love to do. I am so grateful to the Divine for the gifts I have been given and for the opportunity to share them with the world.
— Donna Dia
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I liked the singing and the song, “Let the Peace” … It was fun with the movements. I liked being with my mom.

10 yr. old Gina from the Soul Song Concert

I loved the meditation part! It made me feel so peaceful.

8 yr. old Paul after a workshop

I love to create the beauty!

8 yr. old Rico speaking about the center piece of our circle

This was perfect! We are perfect! Even this rock with a scratch in it is perfect!

7 yr. old Garret, at the end of our last meditation after a week of Soul Song Camp

I imagined for the first time!

10 yr. old Cora after meditation

I imagined I was over my house and those I love were with me.

9 yr. old Corey after meditation

I love you, Donna Dia!

5 yr. old Maleigha

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Donna Dia led students in, You Are A Soul Song, for afternoon and camp programs.  Her program includes meditation, mindfulness, singing and dance. She provided a safe and nurturing environment in which students were allowed to express themselves in a variety of ways. She has a wonderful rapport with students. She is patient, thoughtful , empathetic and enthusiastic. I heartily recommend Donna Dia.

Anne Campbell, Education Director, Catamount Arts St. Johnsbury



I learned to be still. I liked the meditation, singing and dancing. Donna Dia is an experienced teacher and beautiful soul!

Loretta B.

It is a sweet and powerful experience to work with Donna Dia. She is highly intuitive, sensitive and nurturing. She listens in a way that makes you feel heard, understood and appreciated. Donna Dia understands the power of song to connect to and express the soul. She is a master of guided meditations to calm the mind and nurture the spirit. She weaves fun and joy into her work.  

Elizabeth Bone, Educator & Coach

I just loved your workshop. You helped me so much! What an extraordinary gift you have! With gratitude,

Susan L.

I now sing after 85 years of nay-saying that had eroded my Soul Song from my being! Donna Dia, you have insight, imagination and creativity. Thank you so much for my miracle.

Phyllis F.

A treat to awaken the spirit.... Donna Dia’s “You Are A Soul Song” inspires and encourages our Muse to play, create, and celebrate our unique voices.

Anne I.

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Singing and Original songs

I've incorporated your song into my weekly routine. Each time, I feel embraced and hear something deeper and more meaningful.

Debra Poneman - Chicago, IL.

The listener feels the depth of your emotion and the passion within you. Each word, each lyric is filled with life, love and longing. Each listener relates in whatever manner they need to at that given moment in time.

Marti R Remmell - El Cerritos, CA.

Donna Dia was a guest singer and sang her song, You Are There. She sang like an angel and the congregation was so moved they gave her a standing ovation.

Unity Church of Arden, NC.

I loved, You Are A Soul Song! I just love, admire your angelic, powerful, soothing voice and the songs you write. They just move me and really moved the audience. You connect to everyone with your loving heart. I dream of you traveling all over to lead people to sing, dance and meditate - what an extraordinary gift you have! With gratitude,

Linda Kuo


Live Concert

I just love, admire your angelic, powerful, soothing voice and the short songs you write. They just move me and really moved the congregation at SHELL Ridge. I dream of you traveling to churches to lead people to sing, dance and meditate - what an extraordinary gift you have! With gratitude,

Linda K.

Donna is a true giver of love in her walk in life. She shares her walk in life as she performs and makes us all feel a very important part of it all. In her life's journey she shows a gentle loving person that is gentle and caring. She has such a talent! If you have a chance to attend one of her shows be sure to go. It is a great experience.

Colleen B.

Donna's performance at Catamount Arts was of amazing high caliber. Her strong, clear voice, joy of singing and touch of engaging storytelling of her life journey made for an evening of delight!!

Dana Karuza-Tulp


Retreats and speaking

Fantastic! She sings like an angel. Everyone should hear and see her perform her songs. I felt like I had been to Sunday worship.

NEWMA (New England Women Ministers Assoc.), Boston, MA.

We loved the entire evening and the treat of the entire church dancing together at the end of the performance.

Excelsior Methodist Church, Minn., MN.

Donna Dia, thank you for the lovely, inspiring workshop today. I have not felt this much peace and joy in a while and appreciate the techniques to continue my journey! Here are some pictures of our group today and our sacred beauty. Love and Peace,

Nancy B, Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, VT.

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