Children's Workshop

Children's Workshop

  • Do your children often feel anxious, overwhelmed or tired?

  • Are they not passionate about learning?

  • Have they lost the joy of just being?

  • Can be adapted for any age group: 5-7, 8-11, teenagers and young adults!

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I teach children struggling with self worth, “overload,” and tiredness to have confidence, self-love and, self- discipline through a unique combination of guided meditation, mindfulness, singing, and dance. You Are A Soul Song fosters freedom of expression so their inner spirit flows freely in a safe and loving environment. The children learn to love themselves and others, discover their own unique gifts and see the unique gifts of others. And of course, they have fun!

  • Guided meditation specific to the age group relaxes the mind, body and spirit to open the heart to all possibilities of creativity, inner peace, and self-love.

  • Singing my uplifting and empowering songs and guided improvisation in creating their own songs. The singing spontaneously comes from my creating a safe environment to explore as they are finding the expression of who they truly are.

  • Guided improvisation in movement and dance.

  • Each child discovers their Soul Song (and dance) and performs it for the group and family (if time permits).

  • Every step of the way, each child is supported with positive feedback from me and their classmates.

  • You Are a Soul Song can be adapted for any age group: 5-7, 8-11, and young adults. 

No singing experience is necessary.

Everyone can sing their Soul Song.