Women's Workshop

Women's Workshop

  • Do you sometimes feel depressed, anxious or exhausted?

  • Have you lost “The girl who used to be me?”

  • Do you feel you keep giving to others but not to yourself?

  • Are you out of touch with your passions in life?

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I show women struggling with sadness, stress and overwhelm how to find their authentic selves, discover or rediscover their passions and live in joy.

In You Are A Soul Song, I will teach you how to become more peaceful and confident. You will expand self-love through guided meditation, mindfulness, and song and movement. I create a safe and loving environment allowing for freedom of expression as I guide you to allow your inner spirit to flow freely. You will discover or re-discover your unique self and welcome the uniqueness of others. You will create your own Soul Song which you can sing throughout your day and throughout your life. And you will have fun!

No singing experience is necessary.

Everyone can sing their Soul Song.